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Deacon Jackie Fowler Writes...

It seems to me that life is ever increasingly busy with information coming at us from all angles especially for those of us who use the technology of computers, tablets and mobile phones of one sort or another. Over this last year and more we have come to see the real usefulness of such technology which we have been able to use to keep in touch with family and friends; to have some 'business' meetings; to worship together and for some to be able to continue with their daily work.

However, I think that technology does bring pressures too — not least in often creating an expectation of an instant response. Sometimes that is appropriate and easy but some responses require some thought and reflection and a hasty response can more often than not be unhelpful in the long term. There is often a need to be a little wise and take a breath, to pause and think!

I'm sure many like me have been visiting a Cathedral in some city or other when there is a disembodied voice through the loudspeakers inviting visitors to pause and to pray. I am always impressed with that and do take the time to do just that. It reminds me though of the need to do that every day and also to always do that as we look at the ministry and witness of our local churches. In all our conversations and planning we need to take time to pause, reflect and pray, so that we may discern God's way forward. It seems to me as a Circuit and as local churches, that we especially need to do that in these next months as we continue to gradually emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic.

Prayer is, of course, not simply about going to God with our long list of requests. It's about taking time to offer our praise, our contrition, our thanksgiving and our petitions for the world, our church, our community, our friends and families, and ourselves. Prayer can be expressed in formal words and patterns, in our own words or indeed in silence. From my own experience I can say that my 'best' prayers are those when words run out! Recently we met as Christians Together in Hornsea to share in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (you can see photos of that on this website!) One of the reflections on that time together was how good it was simply to sit and be in prayer together — holding the silence as well as the spoken words together.

Equally, we need to pause and listen! God does answer prayer in all sorts of ways but we have to be ready and notice the answer which may not be as we expected or desired. It may confirm our own ideas or it may take us in unexpected ways! So, let us pray............

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Mark 2:18-22

'The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them.' (v. 20)

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