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The first weekend of the month of June, will this year, be a particularly special time of celebration: in the church year, as we celebrate Pentecost; and in the life of our nation, as we mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.
As we give thanks for the Queen's lifetime of faithful service, we recognise that it was a life she was born into, with a calling to fulfil, although as others have demonstrated she could have abdicated that responsibility. Instead, she has chosen to live a life of faithful, committed service and has often spoken of the strength she draws on from her Christian faith and the example of Jesus.

Pentecost is often referred to as the 'birthday' of the church. It is then that the anxious and frightened disciples were changed into those who were prepared to stand up, to be counted as the followers of Jesus and with confidence to spread the good news they had seen and heard about in the life, the death and resurrection of Jesus. They could have chosen otherwise but felt themselves compelled and called to follow Jesus' instructions. Without those early apostles who faithfully handed on the story. we would not have the church of today.
It is difficult to imagine how the life of our nation would have been without the Queen, as many of us have not known another monarch! However, there have been many changes during the last 70 years in our communal life; some we might consider for the worse but certainly many for the better. Through all those years she has remained steadfast and committed but at the same time looking ahead to those future generations who will follow her; those to whom she will 'hand on the baton'.

Those early apostles were always looking to hand on the baton to others as the gospel message spread worldwide and the church grew. There was numerical growth in the life of the early Christian community and later in the church of its time, as one generation after another handed on the story and so it has continued through the years until now. However, it was not only about numerical growth. It has also always been about individual lives being transformed leading to both personal and communal action, speaking about and living out faith in ordinary everyday life.
As those early disciples were called, so we are still called to share that same good news, however ordinary we might feel; called to share that message of lives transformed as we too draw on our faith and follow in the way of Jesus.

So, let's celebrate the good news and hand on the story in whatever ways we can. (And perhaps have a party to celebrate the Jubilee!)

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But God raised him up, having freed him from death, because it was impossible for him to be held in its power. (v. 24)

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