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On 4th June Rev'd Richard Teal offered this update...

Dear Friends

I am contacting you, to keep you updated re changes in ministry in the Circuit. COVID 19 has made it difficult to always communicate as we would wish but we do hope this letter reaches as many people as possible.

1: As you are aware on Saturday 27th June, I become for a year the President of the Methodist Conference. This is going to be a very different year to what I had hoped for or imagined due to COVID 19. I will need your thoughts and prayers. The induction is on Saturday 27th June and can be watched live stream I believe. On Sunday 28th June I will be preaching at the Westminster Central Hall, London morning act of worship. This will also be live streamed and we are hoping to produce it as we would normal Sunday worship for you to watch within the Circuit.

2: Revd Robert Amos is moving at the beginning of July. Robert has offered distinguished service for many years in the circuit. The farewell service we had planned for Robert and Kathryn obviously has to be cancelled, but we are saying our thanks in different ways. Their new address from the beginning of July will be: 86 West Crayke, Bridlington, YO16 6XW

3: Revd's Ron and Diane Hicks will be replacing me for the year. They come to us from Knaresbourgh and we are profoundly grateful to them. As we cannot have a farewell service neither at this moment can we have a welcome service. Ron and Diane can be contacted:
Telephone: 01377 252105
Email: Ron Hicks who will also be acting as the superintendent Minister:
Diane Hicks:

4: Deacon Jackie Fowler will be joining the Circuit Staff on the 1st September and live in the Hornsea Manse. Jackie is coming to us from Haworth in the Airedale Circuit. She brings with her many skills and gifts and will offer ministry with a particular diaconal approach to ministry.

5: We all miss each other very much at the moment so thank you for all the official and unofficial pastoral work which is going on throughout the Circuit. We need to watch over each other in love. P lease remember the church still has its day to day expenses. So please give if you are able in the usual way, in response to Gods generous love and grace.

With every blessing


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