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Hazel Adamson Writes...So the box has been opened just a crack, but still weeks of uncertainty to come and really no sight of Covid-19 going anywhere soon.

So do we moan, do we rail against God asking where he is in all this, do we lose faith, do we hide?

If we look to our OT we are reminded of the story of the release of the Hebrews from Egypt by Moses (and of course God). (Exodus 14:13+) And, we are in the season of Passover, the Biblical feast to mark the miracles and victory for that occasion.

Freed, the people had come to a full stop; in effect they were in lockdown!.

Over a million people with animals, carts, men, women and children all heading toward the Red Sea, with an Egyptian army hard on their heels. As they looked from the sea back toward the Egyptian army, they should have looked higher and sought the Lord. Instead they shouted and screamed and really did what any sane person under the circumstances would have done: they panicked.

Never mind the miracles God had just done, never mind the stories of the Patriarchs and how God had guided and made promises and made covenants. They railed against Moses. Suddenly slavery in Egypt looked good compared to what was surely in store.

Question- why had God done this or allowed this hopeless situation to happen? Had we been there, would we have gone by what we saw or by what God had promised?

We forget so easily the blessings God and our Lord Jesu bestow upon us daily. The only way we can have faith is to believe God in the midst of unexplained and difficult circumstances. Remember God's purpose is to bless us and we are to trust in him. God doesn't allow trials to make us miserable, rather He wants to strengthen our faith, he wants our repentance to help us claim his promises, He wants to deliver us!

Hebrews 11:1 "What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. The evidence of of things we cannot yet see".

Poor Moses, one minute he is walking in victory and the next boxed in, with everyone baying for his blood. But Moses shows one of the greatest acts of faith recorded in the Bible. He ignored what his emotions and senses were saying and turned to God, lifted his eyes, and believed in God's promises. Moses stands, holds his staff aloft, arms raised — and the sea parts. Awesome!

Faith... only five letters, only a small word, but in our time of waiting for our situation to be over, is it a big ask?

The time between Easter/ Passover to Pentecost is a time of waiting. Jesus had told His disciples to wait. They had seen him, the authorities wanted to imprison them, after Jesus' Ascension he had promised them... what? Some sort of authority.....but to wait.

What do we do with our time of waiting, both physically and spiritually? Has God allowed this pandemic so that we can realign ourselves with him? To adjust our belief, our faith and our worship.We can learn from the Biblical precept set down by God and the faith of the prophets and Biblical writers.

Wisdom from the OT (130 times of waiting recorded, mainly in the Psalms).
Hope from the disciples; expectation that Jesus will redeem and save.

As God's people it is for us to show that in times of trouble (and captivity)we have an answer in Jesus. That our faith and humility will carry us through; that we are called to be the light that offers hope, we are to be the salt that flavours, as we wait in faith for the Lord Jesus, his mercy, his power.

Let us seek his grace and favour, endeavouring to be all the Lord wants us to be.
Raise your right arm, stretch out your hand and claim the victory in Christ Jesus.

Prayer.......Psalm 33:20
Song........God has spoken to His people (SofF 130)

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