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Rev'd Leslie Newton writes...Dear friends, Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! Alelliua!
Welcome to Week 4 of our Great 50 Days journey. Material for the coming week is attached.

It's great to hear of the material being used in online small groups, and distributed around to people who are not online.

Thank you too for the ongoing sharing with me of your reflections and responses to the material so far. It really is good to hear about practical responses to the Love|Pray|Give themes:

  • Involvement in a community "Scrubs" group busy making scrubs for the local hospital. A chance for sewing skills to be put to such good use in these days.
  • A renewed sense of hope arising from studying, and reflecting upon, the scriptures set out in the material.
  • Continuing use of the Spring Harvest materials:
  • Use of the Lectio 365 phone app, with daily devotion
  • Ongoing support of the local food bank.
  • A helpful insight, in looking at Thomas, of our personal need to encounter Jesus, that we might say "My Lord and my God."
  • Practical support of a local Covid19 Community group.
  • Sharing information about where people can get support locally.
  • Supporting Christians Against Poverty who are so busy in these days.

All three themes, Love|Pray|Give, are so important in sustaining the health and depth of our Christian lives and for our service in the world.
Thank you again for your ongoing feedback. Please do continue to send thoughts and responses as you use the material.

With every blessing


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