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Recently, Methodist Women in Britain, supported by the Global Relationships team, have produced an annual service for dedication of the offering. There will be a Circuit Service on Tuesday 24th May at 2.30pm at Beeford Methodist Church followed by refreshments. All are welcome to the service which celebrates the work of Mission Partners around the world.
Each year, the Methodist Church encourages an 'Easter Offering'. This tradition dates back to 1883, when women in Manchester collected £32 for missionary work overseas from 'Christmas pennies' at family gatherings on Christmas Day. In March 1884, the London Districts distributed Easter envelopes and collecting bags asking for a penny a head and collected around £100. In 1900, Women's Work raised £1,655 for the work of overseas missions. Since then, each successive Methodist women's movement has encouraged donations in support of God's mission.
All the money raised through the Easter Offering goes to the World Mission Fund of the Methodist Church in Britain for work with our 65 Partner Churches around the world. Envelopes will be available in each church.

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