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Our Local Preachers reaffirmed their call to preach at the LP&WL meeting at Beeford on Tuesday 10th September.
The meeting began with the usual agenda and then moved to a service setting where preachers shared Holy Communion. This service 'Remembering Our Call' has been updated recently and contains some beautiful words and prayers, some of which are written below.

The presiding minister says:
Sisters and brothers,
we meet to worship God,
to give thanks for the vocation of Local Preachers,
to remember the commitments we have made,
and to reflect upon our life and ministry.

With humility and joy
we recall the gifts that God has given us -
that within the church and in the world
God has called some to be apostles,
some prophets, evangelists,
some pastors and teachers,
some preachers
to build up the Body of Christ
until all come to the unity of faith and knowledge
in God's Son.

Let us pray.
Living God
whose Word became flesh in Jesus
and whose Spirit of Truth speaks into our hearts
all honour and glory and worship belong to you.
As our praises pronounce your wonder
may our lives overflow with love,
that our words and deeds
might tell of your goodness
and declare your infinite grace.

Expressive God
in the beginning you spoke
and the world came to be;
your life-giving Word
giving birth to all that is -
taking root in our hearts,
etching humanity
with your beauty.
God we praise you
for your living Word.

When the time was right
Your Word became flesh
and lived among us,
revealing your face;
making love real
in acts of compassion;
articulating grace
in story and conversation,
setting people free.
God we praise you
for your liberating Word.

Still we celebrate that the Spirit
fulfils your promise
and speaks your truth,
loosening tongues
and lifting hearts
to sing your praise.
God we praise you
for your life-giving Word.

With your people
in every time and place
we proclaim the eternal hymn:
Gracious God, forgive us.
Help us to live your Word.


May the living God forgive and renew us,
give us victory over sin and set us free in Christ.

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