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Hello everyone and welcome to The Methodist News. Click here to see the news for the week commencing 15th April.

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Yorkshire District Logo
Published on: Fri 16 Apr 2:00pm

The Yorkshire North and East District Newsletter has arrived! This is issue number 66. Click here to...

District Logo (800x800)
Published on: Thu 08 Apr

Yorkshire North & East Methodist District team has prepared an on-line service for Low Sunday (the Second Sunday of Easter). This service includes contributions from Alister McClure, District Equality Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and representative to Methodist Council, among others. Click here to watch and...

Pres & VP
Published on: Tue 30 Mar

Dear Friends, we would like to bring you greetings and wish you a Happy Easter. This past year has probably been one of the most difficult years many of us can remember and we have all been affected by the Covid pandemic in different ways. We have all experienced the difficulties of lockdowns and restrictions and the losses that accompany those constraints on our everyday lives. We also...

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