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Our preachers are missing you! This morning they have been asked to use our Circuit website to keep in touch and perhaps suggest a Bible passage, hymn, prayer, reflections, etc. to keep you company.
Chris Crawford wrote the following reflection for one of her assignments when training to be a local preacher.

The Heart Surgeon
He sits and listens to the patient relaying their symptoms.
He hears how life is difficult, no energy, shortness of breath, immense tiredness and fatigue.
He sees the struggle to live, barely existing.
Life not how it should be; life draining away; life shrinking.

He speaks, the patient listens.
He shares his hope, his knowledge, his expertise.
He explains what can be done, what needs to be removed, what needs to be made new.
Life can change, life can be lived.
Life in all its fullness is waiting.
He can give the patient a new life.

What now?
A decision must be made.
Permission given, papers signed, questions asked.
'What-ifs' are raised.
The surgeon waits knowing that this is the patient's only opportunity for life but the decision is not his to make.
He has done all he can.
Explanations given, he waits for the go ahead.

Permission given, the surgeon, who knows the heart and how it should function, gets to work skilfully removing that which is diseased and malfunctioning.

Jesus is the expert, the one who knows.
Just as a surgeon knows his patient, his symptoms and his lifestyle so Jesus knows us.
He knows our weaknesses, he knows our sicknesses, and he knows we are not living life as God intended life to be lived.
He sees and listens to the stories of our lives, aware that he has the answer.
He can transform our lives and our well-being.
He has the power, the know-how, to cut away and remove that which needs to go.
He can mend that which is broken and replace that which needs replacing.
He has told us all we need to know to make an enlightened choice.
He has done his part and now it is up to us.
The choice is ours.
We can give permission for Jesus to give us a new heart or struggle on with our broken heart and broken lives.
He will not engage in invasive surgery until we have asked him to do so.

If we choose life then Jesus the surgeon helps us, showing us a better way to live.
A healthier way to live.
A way of life which embraces and enhances life — a healthy lifestyle — and he also shows us the lifestyle we need to avoid: one which will harm and not bring life; which will weaken and destroy.

The image of Jesus being a heart surgeon reveals Jesus to be one who cares for the whole person.
He is the one who transforms our broken and sick lives into lives which are full of meaning.
Lives enabled to function how God meant for us to function.
Hearts and lives touched by Jesus, the Son of God.

We see Jesus not wanting us to continue to struggle on without him yet waiting for us to give him permission to change us.
Jesus, God's Son, the one who knows best, the one with the authority and power to change us, waiting for the okay from us.

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