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Pat Stephenson from Hutton Cranswick has offered this item from Tearfund. Here are the '5 STEPS TO A BETTER WORLD' from their Reboot Campaign. You will find a link to the Tearfund web page with more information at the bottom of this article.

Respond: Share vaccines and resources with the poorest countries so we fight the pandemic together.

Reset: Cancel all developing country debt payments due in 2020 and 2021 and release emergency funding to help them respond to the crisis.

Recognise: Acknowledge the key role that faith communities, including churches, in the global South play in building a better future, and include them in development plans.

Recover: Act to ensure global recovery creates a better world for people in poverty by supporting small business, closing tax loopholes, and aligning with climate agreements.

Renew: Working alongside the devolved nations, make sure the economic reboot in the UK tackles the climate crisis and creates good jobs for the unemployed.

Click here to go to the website 'Reboot Campaign — Tearfund'

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