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All my formal prayers I reserve for public worship. In my own relationship with God I tend to find myself in His presence at any odd moment; a familiar tune, a word from a stranger, a rainbow or my favourite white pigeon or dove. Many years ago one night I found I couldn't sleep and so I deliberately pulled an image into my head, that of Jesus on the beach or shore with the sun just coming up. Jesus stood at the water's edge with a fire crackling at his feet. He is shielding his eyes as he watches a boat approaching. You'll know the story and may have your own image.

I sit on the ground. As this was my image I felt I was just an observer.
Jesus is calling to the boat and they are answering. They toss a net into the water and instantly the boat begins to rock and the men scramble to gain control of boat and net. This is my image, so I picture Peter, jumping into the water, and Jesus calling for them all to come in and bring some of the fish. I am smiling now; the imagined image has drawn me in. I am looking at the smiling face of this Jesus I have summoned and am blown away as He turns His beaming face towards me and looks down into my face. Then I slept.

I have found over the years that Christians from all denominations love personal story or experience of God, Jesus, Angels, and the Holy Spirit.

In this, our enforced separation and quiet, at my daughters request I am writing my autobiography. I'm finding this very challenging. Taking our minds back into our past can be difficult. I am telling the story as it comes to mind with some stages taking longer than others.

When I reach 1986 I will be writing my faith story. My family have known how I feel, but my children say they don't believe and so I have not pushed my feelings on them. After all no one pressed me. I now have the opportunity to 'Tell it like it was'. If it were to be the last thing I ever wrote I will thank God that I was able to put it out there for both of my children to look at if they ever felt they wished to. Praise the Lord.

So what's your story.....?

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